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  • Do I have to pay my entry fees in advance?
    Yes. We are willing to work with all contestants, but please keep in mind, we are all volunteers and are doing our best to make this process as smooth as possible on our end and yours. If you have extenuating circumstances, please reach out to us via phone, text or email and we will make it work.
  • Will the program be ready to view in advance?
    Yes! We opened up entries a little earlier so we are able to work over a weekend and get the program better organzied for everyone.
  • I am a contestant, do I still have to pay a gate fee to enter the rodeo?"
    No. All contestants can get into the rodeo for free WHEN THEY SHOW PROOF OF PAID ENTRY FEES. When you check out and pay for your entry fees, print off or take a screenshot of your paid receipt - this will be your pass into the rodeo. Without proof of purchase, you will be charged at the gate. Gate fees will not be refunded.
  • Can I purchase a gate fee in advance?
    Yes! Go to the "upcoming events" page and click on "Buy Tickets". Ticket prices are as follows: Adult - ages 13+: $10 Youth - ages 6-12: $5 Ages 5 & under: FREE *Remember to print your receipt as proof of purchase - without a receipt, you will be charged.
  • Do I have to pay with a credit card online?
    Yes. If you want to enter online, a debit or credit card is required for payment. If you are unable to checkout using a credit or debit card, you can fill out the paper entry form (found on the ENTER RODEO page) print it off and mail it in with your payment to our PO Box. Keep in mind, if you are mailing in your entry form with payment - the envelope MUST BE postmarked on or before the entry deadline date. Late entries will not be accepted. We can also use paypal or Venmo as options if you would like.
  • Can I leave a voicemail to enter?
    No. You must speak with a club member for your entry to be accepted. No voicemails or text messages with entry information will be accepted.
  • If I call in do I still have to pay my entry fee?
    Yes. All entry fees will be collected prior to rodeo date. When you call in to enter, our club member will check you out using our online entry system.
  • If I'm unable to attend the rodeo after I have entered, will I get my entries fees back?
    This decision is left to the board to vote on at the first regular board meeting held AFTER the rodeo is completed. No refunds will be granted prior to rodeo date and refunds are not guaranteed. Greater consideration will be given to those with a vet or doctor's note. We work very hard to put together a quality event and have implemented this practice to deter unnecessary draw outs or no shows. We, as volunteers, appreciate your consideration of our time and effort. *If a rodeo is canceled for any reason - all entry fees would be refunded back to the card that was used to pay the entry fee initially.
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