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Non-Profit Progressive Raffle

Congratulations to Sam Gernhart
Week #18 winner
Chase the Ace

*Get your tickets for Week #19 

Live Drawing will be at 8pm June 19th at
4 Corners Bar

Progressive Pot: $4,873.00 & growing

Click HERE for the full list of fundraiser rules & details

Chase the Ace is a progressive raffle fundraiser for the Lovell Rodeo Club. We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to our local bars (Diamond J, Shoshone and 4 Corners) for playing a vital role in this fundraising effort and believing in our group. All proceeds earned on this fundraiser will go directly toward the Lovell Rodeo Club to help improve the rodeo grounds and give back to our community. 

Each week raffle tickets can be purchased for your chance to be drawn and win part of the pot. Tickets are $5 each. The tickets will be added and the name drawn will win 20% of that week's pot - 30% will go toward the progressive jackpot (the person who draws the Ace of Spades will be the winner of the progressive pot) & 50% will go to the rodeo club. If the Ace of Spades is drawn, the winner will get 50% of the progressive pot and the remaining 50% will be utilized by the rodeo club.
Tickets can be purchased:
1. In person from any active Lovell Rodeo Club member
2. At any of the participating Lovell bars (Diamond J Bar, Shoshone Bar & 4 Corners Bar)
3. Venmo @Lovell-Rodeo-Club (don't forget to include your name & phone # in the comments)
4. Online with a debit or credit card by clicking HERE
Deadline to purchase tickets for the current week drawing is Tuesday at 8pm.
A live drawing will be held every Wednesday at 8pm at one of the participating bars. Each week we will rotate which bar the drawing will be held. A schedule of events will be posted on our website and our Facebook page (don't forget to give us a "like"!). 


Schedule of Events

PDF version of schedule can be found HERE


Lovell Rodeo Club was created in March 2020 by a local group of like minded, rodeo enthusiasts. This newly formed group has a passion to see this community event not only continue, but evolve. We believe rodeo teaches our youth so much more than just winning to get a paycheck. It teaches responsibility, sportsmanship, kindness for your fellow competitor and for the animals involved. Rodeo is a great way to continue to improve your own skill set as well as help others improve theirs. Currently, Lovell Rodeo Club hosts 1 rodeo a year as a part of the Big Horn Rodeo Circuit. This rodeo is held in conjunction with the community celebration, Lovell Mustang Days and is normally scheduled for the last Saturday in June. In the future, Lovell Rodeo Club would like to be more involved and host other events such as a youth rodeo, a ranch rodeo and team ropings/barrel racings.

If you are interested in joining our club, please feel free to email us at - we are always looking for more like minded people who want to see this legacy of rodeo continue through future generations.

Cowboy at Work
Cowboy and Wild Horses


Mailing Address:

PO Box 494

Lovell, WY 82431

Arena Address:

1159 Lane 12

Lovell, WY 82431


Phone: 307-254-9577


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